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Diamonds are Forever

If you want to find out if 'diamonds are forever', pop into the Coster Diamond Museum in Amsterdam. No extra security is needed because all diamonds on display are replicas. Coster Diamonds is an Amsterdam diamond and trading company whose history goes back for almost two centuries. Adjacent to the museum is Coster Diamond Showroom where you can buy real diamonds. Simply swipe your credit card.

Amsterdam and Diamonds

Jews introduced the art of diamond cutting in the 16th century, and today Amsterdam is the diamond-cutting capital of the world. Stop for a moment to look at the famous koh-i-noor diamond that sparkles in Queen Elizabeth’s coronation crown. The diamond gleams and glitters like the real one, which is in the Tower in London. Walking through the exhibition room, you will hear Marilyn Monroe sing Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend. Decide for yourself if this is true while you marvel at diamonds from the size of pinpoints to avocado seeds. They twinkle like stars in crowns, tiaras, scepters, brooches, necklaces and earrings. Finish your tour by taking a picture of yourself wearing Queen Beatrix’s tiara or Napoleon Bonaparte’s diamond studded laurel wreath and play the interactive computer game dragging crowns and necklaces to your head and neckline. Email the finished pictures to yourself and friends. A cool memento, and remember diamonds ARE forever.

Guided Tour
If make-believe is not good enough for you, go next door and visit Coster Diamonds Show Rooms. Join their diamond tour that whisks through the sections where you witness polishing, cutting and setting. The tour ends in the sales area. Here you will find plenty of opportunity to try on massive diamond necklaces and rings on each finger, ask questions and buy diamonds.

Diamond Workshop
Take part in the Coster Diamond workshop and learn from the Master Diamond Cutter the basics of cutting and polishing. You will then be given a rough diamond to cut and polish yourself. This diamond, which you can take home with you, and a Diamond Certificate are proof that you are a (beginner) Diamond Master. The price for this workshop including a diamond is €474.

Diamond Museum
Paulus Potterstraat 8

Opening Hours
7 days a week 09.00-17.00

photo credit Marianne Crone and Albert van den Boomen


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