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Amsterdam Dungeon

Amsterdam Dungeon is not for the weak-hearted. Step back into the darkest times and be part of the city's blood curdling history. Take part in a gruesome show of 80 minutes and walk through 500 years of creepy history. Will you escape by the skin of your teeth or are you a witch to be burned on the stake? Come to the dungeon in Amsterdam and tremble with fear.

Amsterdam_Amsterdam_dungeon.jpg!!!This attraction is not suitable for very young children

Will you survive the plague, are you a heretic and will you end on the stake, will you be tried by the Council of Blood or are you a witch after all? Amsterdam Dungeon is macabre a dungeon of agony and horror.

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11 Shows and 9 Actors
The Amsterdam Dungeon is both show and museum see, hear, touch, smell and fear. Real stories, hilariously funny and often a little scary are brought to life by actors. You are part of the show. All horrors, punishments and tortures happen to you personally.

Dungeon Tour
* The Descent
* The Torture Chamber
* The Torture
* Magic Musico
* Hell on the Batvavia
* Black John
* he Spanish Inquisition
* Witch Hunt
* Labyrinth
* Witches
* Murder on the Zeedijk

Amsterdam Dungeon
Rokin 78

Opening Hours
7 days a week from 11.00-17.00
Every 15 minutes a guided tour starts

The first tour begins at 11.00 and last at 17.00

Photo courtesy of Amsterdam Dungeon


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