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Rent a Bike in Amsterdam

Rent a bike in Amsterdam. It is a bike-friendly city, not only because it is a compact city but also because of the bike lanes and the absence of elevations. The only hurdles are steep bridges and traffic humps. And what about head winds and downpours? Forget about these as bike rides are best in sunny weather.

                                                                Rent a Bike and Go Dutch

Bike Lanes
Four hundred kilometres (250 miles) of bike lanes make Amsterdam cycle-perfect and safe. Bike lanes or fietspaden are easy to spot because they are wine-red and run along the right side of the road. They are indicated by a sign of a bike painted on the path or by a blue traffic sign showing a white bike or by the word fietspad. Use the bike lane whenever there is one. If there is no fietspad keep to the right and ride with the traffic. Never ride your bike on the pavement.

Amsterdam-Now Tip: Rent a bike and go on a guided bicycle tour and see the highlights of Amsterdam without getting lost.

Bike Parking
Bikes are everywhere. They are chained to monuments, propped against walls and bridge railings are festooned with them. The reason that so many bikes are out on the streets is that they are difficult to manoeuvre up and down the narrow staircases of the Amsterdam apartments. Locals claim lampposts or bridge railings near their homes as theirs and are quite upset when someone else has taken their spot. Amsterdam's biggest fietsenstalling, bike parking place, is next to Centraal Station in front of the Ibis Hotel and has room for 2,500 bikes. Be warned: it may take you a good fifteen minutes to find your bike back again.

Amsterdam_bike_parking_place.jpg                                                                               Bike Parking Place

Bike Rental
If you want to go the Dutch, rent a bike. Most city bikes feature one speed and pedal brake. You push the pedals in reverse direction and you will stop. Handbrakes and three speeds are slightly more expensive to rent. 
photo credit Marianne Crone

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