Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to live on one of those canal houseboats moored on a Amsterdam canal even if it is only for a few days? It will be music to your ears to hear that there are quite a number of houseboats for rent in Amsterdam. But if you are dreaming about sailing back and forth on Amsterdam’s canals, mooring one day at Prinsengracht and the next at Herengracht? Forget it! Houseboats never sail.

Rent a Houseboat

If you have always wanted to feed ducks and swans from your terrace, buying a houseboat is the only way. But, if you want to live on the water for only a few days, you can. Amsterdam has over 60 houseboats for rent. They range from simple to luxurious. All of them are like small houses. The only difference is that houseboats float. They often have a terrace and sometimes even a small garden.

Buy a Houseboat

The number of canal-side moorings in Amsterdam is fixed and most of the available places have already been allocated. Moorings are sold like building plots and cost anything from €180,000. This is just the site, not the boat. Houseboat prices start from €90,000. In other words, living on a houseboat is the same price as living in a very modest Amsterdam apartment.

Photo credit Marianne Crone

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