Eyewitness Amsterdam

Eyewitness Amsterdam is an excellent trip companion. Read it to prepare your trip or afterwards to keep the memory of your trip fresh. This guidebook teems with pictures, maps and bird’s eye views of Amsterdam. The chapter ‘Beyond Amsterdam’ shows that the Netherlands has more to offer than just Amsterdam.

Eyewitness Amsterdam lives up to its name. It gives an EYEWITNESS account whereas other travel guides merely give a description of sights and museums. Very impressive are the three-dimensional drawings of sights and monuments, the many colour photos, the handy street plans and the easy-to-read texts.

Special attention is given to restaurants and accommodation from low-budget to luxurious and to shopping from open-air markets to funky boutiques. All sights, shops, accommodation, museums mentioned in the text are marked on the street plan which makes it impossible to lose your way or miss a sight.

Eyewitness Amsterdam is an up-to-date guidebook which includes day trips and walks that you might not have come across on your own.

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Amsterdam
ISBN 9781465439475
Publication Date: 1 march 2016
308 pages