Casa Rosso Theatre Adult Live Show

Casa Rosso theatre adult live show is right in the middle of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. It is a theater / club with non-stop erotic live shows for a varied audience of 60% men and 40% women. Casa Rosso was established some fifty years ago and is still immensely popular. Its logo is a striking neon pink elephant which is a prominent landmark. In early 2008, the theater was threatened with closure due to alleged money laundering and criminal activity. The owner was able to refute this and in 2009 the company was granted a permit again.

Amsterdam Red Light District

The centre of the Red Light District is Oudezijds Achterburgwal. Houses along this canal are famous for peep shows, porn shops (sex) bars, live sex shows that stand cheek-by-jowl to stately canal houses, Salvation Army Quarters and hotels. Self-employed hookers sit behind windows and sex shows solicit customers. Amsterdam’s most famous live sex show is Casa Rosso right in the heart of the Red Light District and the epicenter of erotic entertainment

Casa Rosso Show

Casa Rosso presents a live show of different acts that ranges from striptease acts, couples fornicating on a rotating bed to lesbian lovers and vibrator acts. Lots of unexpected intermezzos receive laughter from the audience. The acts are well choreographed, a bit of an eye-opener and not seedy at all. Come with an open mind towards sex and you will not be disappointed.

Casa Rosso Theatre

The Casa Rosso theatre seats some 150 spectators on the balcony and in the lounge with comfortable red-velvet chairs and it also comprises a bar. Go for a balcony seat if you don’t want to volunteer as participant in one of the shows. Taking photos and filming is not allowed because would like their grandmother to watch them on YouTube or see them on Instagram.

More Red Light District Fun

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is the vibrant heart of Amsterdam as a tourist attraction. Be sure to visit the Museum of Prostitution and see what a brothel looks like or go on a night walking tour through the Red Light District and learn all about (in)famous Dutch coffeeshops and prostitution.

Getting there

Casa Rosso is in the middle of the Red Light District and a five-minute walk from Dam Square

Address Casa Rosso, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106 – 108, Amsterdam
Open 19.00 – 02.00

You buy tickets at the door and can stay as long as you like. The price includes one drink
Casa Rosso adults only, minors under 18 years of age are not allowed into Casa Rosso.

Photos Marianne Crone