Date(s) - 09/04/2016 - 31/05/2018
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Moco Museum

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On the ground floor of the Moco Museum in Amsterdam you will find the elaborate Banksy “Laugh Now” exhibition. The exhibition contains over 90 different original works by Street Art-legend Banksy. Moco museum is displaying all his famous works like Laugh Now, Barcode, Girl with Balloon, Kids on Guns, Pulp Fiction, Flower Thrower, Monkey Queen, Kate Moss, Bomb Hugger, Soup Can and many more.


The main piece during this exhibition is the painting ‘Beanfield’, which is 2,5 x 3,5 meters. This piece has not been on display since 2009. A very important canvas that characterises Banksy as an activist artist. Banksy is well known for his outdoor art. You can find his pieces of street art all around the world. In London you can even buy maps marking the locations where you can find these pieces of art, which are mostly protected. Not everyone knows that Banksy also makes art for indoors. Original and unique works on canvas, wood and paper. At Moco museum in Amsterdam you will find his indoor art, owned by collectors who bought these pieces at Banksy’s exhibitions in the past. There are also a few pieces at Moco that were rescued from the rubble of buildings that were torn down.



Moco Museum

Moco museum is located in the center for art lovers, namely in central Amsterdam, the Museumplein. Moco is located in Villa Alsberg, which is a beautiful traditional mansion. This mansion was designed by Eduard Cuypers in 1904. Eduard Cuypers is the nephew of Pierre Cuypers, who is responsible for the Rijksmuseum.

Banksy ‘Laugh Now’
Moco Museum, Amsterdam
9 april 2016 – 31 mei 2018

Opening hours: 10-18 hr


Banksy, Flower Thrower