Relax in a Bathrobe from the Badjassenwinkel

The Badjasenwinkel, Bathrobe Shop, in Amsterdam is unique because the only thing you can buy here are bathrobes. They come in all sizes, from XXXL to XXS. Choose from more than 150 different types and models, velour, silk or terrycloth, long model or super-short. They come in all the colours and shades you can imagine. Have your name or other appropriate text embroidered on your dressing gown and on a matching bath towel. Long names are no problem because you pay by name, not by letter.

Bathrobes for the whole family

When you get home, take off constricting clothes and plop down on the couch wrapped in a super soft bathrobe. Watch television, prepare dinner and entertain friends in a fashionable bathrobe from De Badjassenwinkel.

What’s in a name

Call it what you like: bathrobe, caftan, housecoat, lounging robe, morning dress, dressing gown or robe de chambre. Choose the right word for the right occasion. But whatever you do, buy your bathrobe in the Badjassenwinkel in Amsterdam, because you are sure to wear a designer bathrobe. This feels good after a sauna or a warm bath. Wrap up in a haute couture robe or a silk kimono. Buy a cute bathrobe for a newborn, one with big pockets for your grandfather and one with flowers for your mother, a checkered one for your father and the most beautiful one for your loved one.

Address: The Bathrobe Shop, Vijzelgracht 39, Amsterdam

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 11am-5pm

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