Cat Boat Amsterdam Canal Houseboat for Stray Cats

The cat boat, or poezenboot in Dutch, is a must-see for all cat-lovers: an entire houseboat converted into a cats’ home. The cats are not allowed to wander freely in the streets but they can take a breath of fresh air on the cat balcony. Amsterdam is a true haven for cats. You will see cats everywhere: sunbathing on a bench in front of a shop or watching the world go by from an upper window. The cat boat is home to some 40 cats of which about 10 are permanent residents.

Cat Boat Houseboat with Canal View

The cat boat is a home for cats of all ages and colours. They live in roomy enclosures on the cat boat. Some have even canal view. Several cats walk about freely and weave between your feet hoping to be petted. If you do, your reward is loud purring. It all started in the 1960s when a cat-loving lady found a mother cat and kittens under a canal side tree. In Amsterdam. She took them home and soon the word spread that strays would find a loving home in her house. Her cat community grew and she needed more space and so she and her cats moved to a houseboat.

Cat Boat Sanctuary and Charity

The cat boat developed into a registered cat charity, Stichting De Poezenboot, run by volunteers. They neuter and microchip the cats and kittens. Many cat-loving human visitors come to choose a cat or kitten for adoption. Tourists are very welcome especially if they miss their feline companion at home or want to scratch a kitten behind the ear. They reward will be a loud purr. The Cat Boat Charity depends on donations. The money goes to helping stray cats in Amsterdam. They pay for veterinary care when their owners cannot afford and provide a temporary home for strays.


De Poezenboot
Singel 38.G

Opening Hours

13.00 -15.00 hours, closed on Wednesday and Sunday.
Free entrance but donations are highly appreciated or simply buy that lovely Poezenboot T-shirt.