NEMO Not for Kids Only – Parents Love It!

NEMO in Amsterdam is a popular museum with objects that must be touched. Three floors of exhibits classified in four themes are ready to be explored; physics, technology, information technology and bio-science behaviour. Fun for children but also for their parents. Mind you! It is forbidden NOT to touch the knobs and handles.

Amazing Building

Interactive science museum, NEMO, is only a fifteen-minute walk from Centraal Station. The building is an eye catcher and resembles a huge ship’s deck This surreal green object seemingly emerging from the IJ River forms part of the entrance to the IJ tunnel. It is in stark contrast to Amsterdam’s 17th and 18th-century architecture. The Italian architect, Renzo Piano, wanted to create a place that also served as view point. In his opinion Amsterdam was too flat and without observation platform to view the skyline. His success is one hundred per cent. In summer the sloping roof top turns into a city beach crowded by locals and visitors enjoying the sun and the view.


NEMO Stands for Discover

NEMO offers a playful way to find out the latest scientific and technological gadgets and features. The murder game is an excellent way to discover what DNA is and how it can be used to solve crimes. A woman has met with an untimely death. The visitor will have to find DNA samples and compare them to the suspect’s. The exhibit ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’ is geared at teens not younger than twelve. Booths with videos showing people’s faces during orgasm, people talking freely about their first sex and instructions of what parts of the body to touch to excite one’s partner are only a few of the examples in this part of the exhibition.

Less exciting but equally informative is the water exhibit showing how Amsterdam’s water is purified. The Super Bank Simulation Game attracts a different crowd. It shows how to invest and gamble so that money will grow. A visit to NEMO can easily take up one full day. It is a very popular museum. Arrive early to beat the crowds. Buy your tickets online to avoid the waiting line (especially during school holidays).


NEMO Science Museum

Oosterdok 2

1011 VX Amsterdam


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