Free Wifi in Public Places

Life without WiFi is inconceivable. Most hotels, hostels, restaurants, coffee bars and museum in Amsterdam have free WiFi. The name of the network and the password are written on the menu or on the wall, if not, simply ask for it. Amsterdam is known for its fast internet connection.

                  Free Wifi at Albert Heijn Supermarket, Raadhuisstraat Amsterdam


WiFi is almost anywhere in Amsterdam but still it is worth knowing that:

1. Free WiFi in intercity trains that carry the WiFi logo above the doors. The name of the network is ‘WiFi in de trein’. You will have to log in, but no password is needed. All you do is accept the general conditions. The only snag is that the log-in page is in Dutch.

2. Schiphol Airport offers one hour free WiFi, if you need more you will have to pay for it.

3. There is free Wifi outside the Anne Frank House, excellent to while away the time while waiting in the queue. (Better still to book your ticket online..).

4. Free WiFi in a large part of Westerpark and also in Oosterpark but here only at the northern end of the park around the children’s pond.

5. Most Albert Heijn supermarkets have free WiFi.

photo credit Marianne Crone