Yogen Früz Tailor-made Ice Cream

At Yogen Früz in Amsterdam you create your own ice cream. It is you who decides what sauce and how much and what fruit or toppings you would like to have. And voilà, tailor-made ice cream. Payment is by weight.

Yogurt Ice

Yogen Früz is a Canadian company specializing in yogurt ice. The interior of the ice cream parlour is pink, very pink. Claim your place on one of the high stools and eat your treat while you see the world go by.

This is How it Works

Grab a bowl and fill it with your favourite flavour or flavours from the ice cream tap. Now go to the toppings section which is divided into healthy (fruits, nuts, seeds) and coloured sweets (chocolate, sprinkles, sugar crackling). Finish your creation with one of the sauces such as caramel, white chocolate and raspberries.


How to Pay

At the checkout, you put your tailor-made ice cream on the scales. Payment is for the total weight. Be warned though, the price is often higher than you expected because it is difficult to estimate what is the actual weight of your ice cream creation.



Yogen Früz

Reguliersbreestraat 19

1017 CL Amsterdam

Photo credit Marianne Crone

Yogen fruz