Eat pancakes during a city trip to Amsterdam

Everybody likes pancakes. Try them during your city trip to Amsterdam and eat them as a snack or as full meal. This is an excellent way to sample Dutch cuisine. Pancake restaurants in Amsterdam are plentiful. Dutch pancakes are similar to French crêpes, but the Dutch variety is slightly thicker and often as a large as the wheel of a cart. Toppings are either sweet or savoury. Tourists like to go to The Pancake Bakery next to the Anne Frank Museum, locals prefer Boerderij Meerzicht away from the centre, in the Amsterdam Woods. Here are four tips when, where and what pancakes to eat in Amsterdam.


When to Eat Pancakes?

Pancakes translates as pannenkoeken. The Dutch never eat them for breakfast. They are eaten as a snack, but more often for lunch or dinner and are usually a meal in themselves. Families with young children often have a pancake meal once a week. Traditionally, the father of the house prepares them, flopping them high up in the air and catching them again. Many Dutch people dine at around 6 pm; that’s why some pancake restaurants in Amsterdam close at 8 or 9 pm, and sometimes even earlier.

What Type of Pancake?

Study the menu at the pancake restaurant lists many different types of this delectable treat. The pancake itself is always the same but the variety is in the toppings. Sprinkle powdered sugar on your pannenkoek, add a few knobs of butter and gobble your classic pancake. They are equally good with black treacle topping. Another Dutch favourite is a pancake with apple, sugar, cinnamon, raisins and a dusting of sugar. The variety of savoury pannenkoeken is almost endless, cheese, pineapple and cheese, ham, mushrooms and chicken. And best of all pancakes with bacon and treacle; sweet and savoury at the same time. Each pancake restaurant has its own specialities.


Where to Eat Pancakes?

Pancake restaurants are dotted all over Amsterdam. Many tourists head straight for De Pancake Bakery after their visit to the Anne Frank House as it is almost next door to the museum. Locals, especially when with children, go to Boerderij Meerzicht, a farm with farm animals and all sorts of activities for the children. Take a pancake trip on the pancake boat for the real Amsterdam experience and eat as many pancakes as you can.


Tip of the editor of Amsterdam-Now:

A city trip to Amsterdam is not complete without tasting genuine Dutch pancakes. Be sure to try bacon pancake smothered in black treacle.


Pancake restaurant addresses

1. Pancake Bakery, Prinsengracht 191, 1015 DS Amsterdam

Opening Hours, daily 09.00-21.30

2. Boerderij Meerzicht, Koenenkade 56, 1081 KG Amsterdam

Opening Hours, Tuesday to Sunday 10.00-19.00