Poffertjes, the Perfect Dutch Treat

Amsterdam is known for lots of things of which some will make your tummy rumble. Should we mention treacle waffles, croquet and apple pie? Add to these culinary delights poffertjes – a traditional Dutch treat resembling pancakes, but much smaller and fluffier – served with melted butter and powdered sugar. Poffertjes the ultimate Dutch street food!

                       Poffertjes – Dutch Street Food at its Best

Street Food at its Best

Poffertjes are the perfect snack. These golden-brown mini pancakes are a hit with tourists and locals alike. Made with buckwheat flour and yeast, poffertjes are eaten any time of the day. They are associated with holidays, festivals and in particular with fun fairs. They are made fresh at street food stands at street markets and served by the dozen on a paper plate and eaten with a plastic spoon. Traditionally they are topped with oozing butter and a generously sprinkled with powdered sugar. New-fangled toppings include whipped cream, strawberries and treacle. If this is an improvement is for you to decide.


The Ultimate Treat

Eat your poffertjes at street markets like Albert Cuyp or Noordermarkt. Alternatively, most pancake restaurants also serve poffertjes. If you can’t bear to leave Amsterdam without taking poffertjes home with you, visit any supermarket and get ready-made poffertjes that only need to be microwaved.

Photo credit Illustratedjc

Poffertjes: Amsterdam Street Food

Making poffertjes is quite easy. All you need is buckwheat flour, eggs, yeast or baking powder and a little milk. The only tricky thing is that you will need a special pan; cast iron with shallow half round molds. The flour mixture is poured into each hole. When one side is done the poffertjes are flipped over until this side is done and then served with a dusting of icing sugar and a dollop of butter. Poffertjes are the ultimate Dutch street food and eaten any time of the day. You will find poffertjes at open-air markets especially during festivals and at the annual fun fair on Dam Square the last week of April. Most pancake restaurants also feature poffertjes on their menu.