Hermitage Amsterdam

H’Art Museum has been the new name for Hermitage Amsterdam since 2023. The H’Art Museum does not have its own collection but shows artworks on loan from Centre Pompidou in Paris, British Museum in London and Smithonian American Art Museum. More about H’Art Museum here

The exhibitions in the Hermitage Amsterdam changed twice a year. The Hermitage Amsterdam was the ‘little brother’ of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The art collection of the Hermitage in Russia is so extensive that not all works of art can be shown in the St. Petersburg museum. That is why many artworks from the Russian collection were exhibited in Amsterdam. Not only is the art collection worthwhile seeing, the building itself is also interesting to see.

Hermitage Amsterdam

Between 2009-2022, the Hermitage Amsterdam regularly held exhibitions from the collection of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. Due to the political situation between Russia and Ukraine, the Hermitage Amsterdam decided in March 2022 to sever ties with Russia. The museum now organizes temporary exhibitions in collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum.

Exhibitions in the Hermitage – Amsterdam Museum aan de Amstel

The Amsterdam Museum, located in Kalverstraat in the city centre, is under long-term renovation and will reopen in 2025. The exhibition ‘Panorama Amsterdam’ tells the history of Amsterdam through objects and stories, a mix of 17th century art and present-day city themes. The exhibition space spreads over 2 floors at the Hermitage Wing on the southern flank of the building.

Museum of the Mind

On the ground floor of the Amsterdam Wing is the Museum of the Mind, showing works of artists from the Outsider Art Movement. It is a 20th century genre in painting. The artists is self-taught and ignores or rejects the rules of conventional art. Some of the artists suffered from mental disorders, stayed in institutions and prisons. That’s why this genre is also referred to as outsider art.


Buy an all-in ticket: special exhibition + Amsterdam Museum + Museum of the Mind. Tickets for each separate exhibition are also available, but an all-in ticket is better value.

The Museum is open daily from 10.00 – 17.00

Buy your tickets at the box office or online. Free entrance with Amsterdam City Card 

Address: Hermitage Amsterdam – Amsterdam Museum aan de Amstel, Amstel 51, Amsterdam

The Building

The Amstelhof, the former name of the Hermitage Amsterdam, was a home for the elderly for more than 300 years and provided shelter for married elderly people. New requirements in the healthcare sector meant that the building could no longer be adapted to the 21st century standard. The residents moved and the building was converted into a museum.

The exterior is still the same as the day when the Amstelhof was built but the interior was fully adapted to the wishes of a museum with spacious exhibition rooms. Only the Amstel Wing still reminds of the former home for the elderly. The church hall is used to receive guests as in the past. One of the regent’s rooms is furnished in the original 1930 style. This was the room where the regents made important decisions about the Amstelhof and its inhabitants.

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