Public Transport Chip Card

If you want to travel by tram, bus, metro or train in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands, you will need a public transport chip card. Most Dutch people have a personalized chip card which recharges automatically from the holders bank account and other travel products can be loaded on to this card. This card is not very useful if you are staying in Amsterdam for only a few days.

When you are in Amsterdam for a short period the best public transport ticket to buy is a non-personalized rechargeable public transport chip card. This card can be bought from: Ticket vending machines at NS (Dutch Railways) Stations * Supermarkets * Primera, AKO, Readshop and Bruna shops.

How to Use your Public Transport Chip Card

Check in AND check out every time you travel on a tram, bus, metro or train. Swipe your card at the card reader inside the bus and tram or near the exit/entrance of train and metro stations. You are checked in when you hear ‘beep’ and see a green light. Checking out and checking in is also required when you change to another tram, train bus or metro. If you travel with a rechargeable public transport chip card, your credit on the card must be at least €10. If it is below this amount, you cannot check in.

Hassle-free Public Transport Card

Discover Amsterdam hassle-free and enjoy unlimited travel for 1 to 7 days on all GVB trams, buses,ferries and metro.
Using your ticket is simple: check in on boarding a tram, bus or metro, and then check out when you exit. Your ticket will be validated on first use and can be used until it expires.