XtraCold IceBar Hibernate on the North Pole

Amsterdam Ice bar is cool, not only figuratively but also literally. The temperature does not exceed -10°C and everything is made of ice. The walls, the bar stool and the bar you sit at, even the glass you drink from is made of ice. The freezing temperature is no problem because you will be given nice warm thermal clothing and gloves to wear. All coats are size XXL and fit everyone.

Warm Lounge and Freezing-cold Icebar

The bar consists of two parts: the warm lounge and the Icebar which is located at the back. When you enter the Amsterdam Icebar, you will receive three free coins, two silver and one gold. You use the gold one in the lounge bar for a cocktail, a beer or a soft drink. The silver coins can be exchanged for vodka, rum, Heineken beer or orange juice. While enjoying your drink, you will meet Willem Barentz, the 16th-century Dutch polar explorer. He invites you to join him on an expedition to reach the Indies via the North Pole.

Hibernate on the North Pole

Now it’s time to put on warm clothes and head to the Icebar, where everything is made of ice. The Icebar represents the island of Nova Zembla, where Barentsz and his crew were stranded and stayed for almost a year. At the bar you can exchange your coins for drinks which are appropriately served in glasses made of ice.

Ice Xperience

The Ice Xperience starts in the Icebar. Wearing polarized glasses you go on a blood-curdling journey along steep abysses and over high icebergs. A half-hour trip and a temperature far below zero, wind turbines provide the icy cold, but the thermal clothing keeps you warm.

The following are included
* Three free drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
* Expedition with the Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz to the Arctic
* Warm clothing during this ice-cold trip

Address: Amsterdam Icebar XtraCold, Amstel 194, Amsterdam
Opening hours: 11.45-01.00

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