Dutch Bacon Pancakes are Easy to Make

Try this recipe for Dutch bacon pancakes. Dutch pancakes are delicious and an all-time favourite. Dutch pancakes are reminiscent of French crĂȘpes but the Dutch use fewer eggs for their pancakes, besides they are slightly thicker than the French variety. Toppings for pancakes vary from sweet to savoury.

Bacaon pancakes

Spekpannenkoeken, bacon pancakes and black treacle, are a Dutch invention and delicious! Your city trip to Amsterdam is not complete without a visit to one of the many pancakes restaurants. Why not try and make pancakes at home? Here is the recipe for traditional Dutch bacon and treacle pancakes.

Recipe for Dutch smoked bacon pancakes with black treacle


* 250 g self-rising flour * Pinch of salt * 2 eggs * 5 dl milk * Thinly-cut slices of smoked bacon


1. Place self-rising flour, salt 2dl milk and eggs into a mixing bowl
2. Whisk into a smooth batter
3. Add the rest of the milk
4. Let the batter rest for 30 minutes
5. Fry three or four slices of smoked bacon in a frying pan (butter is not needed)
6. Pour on some of the batter (not too much because Dutch pancakes are quite thin)
7. Heat until the top is dry
8. Flip them over and heat for a short time Serve your Dutch bacon pancakes with black treacle.


Very short history of Dutch bacon pancakes (spekpannenkoeken)

The Dutch have been eating pancakes since the 16th century (and probably longer). In those days bread dough was rolled out thinly and fried in lard. Two centuries later, the recipe became more sophisticated: a batter of buckwheat, milk and yeast and slices of bacon were added. The pancakes were fried over a coal stove. Today the yeast is no longer used and the pancakes are much thinner than in the old days. Pancakes now are as popular as pancakes then.


Eat pancakes during your city trip to Amsterdam

If you think making pancakes is too much work, or if you think that the pancake recipe is not easy, why not go to a pancake restaurant during your visit to Amsterdam? One of the best restaurants to eat pancakes on your city trip to Amsterdam is the Pancake Bakery almost next door to the Anne Frank Museum.

photo Pancake Bakery