Café Loetje Means Steak

A meal at Café Loetje in Amsterdam will tickle your taste buds. Loetjes filet of steak served with French fries has no rivals. The meat is so tender that you can cut it with a spoon. Try traditional semolina pudding cream smothered in raspberry sauce for dessert. A carafe of house wine makes your meal complete.

Steak or biefstuk

Medium, rare or well done, with or without gravy, mushrooms and onions – no matter what your favourite steak is, there is no doubt about it, Café Loetje has the best ‘biefstuk’ in Amsterdam. Order with your steak generous helpings of French fries and crispy salad and you have a meal no connoisseur can resist. Or maybe opt for shrimp croquettes or liver with onion and bacon. If you want to be Dutch with the Dutch go for ‘raasdonders’ Kapucijner peas, served with apple sauce and piccalilli. Café Loetje a must-have-been-place where a meal won’t break the bank.



Café Loetje

Johannes Vermeerstraat 52

1071 DT Amsterdam

cafe Loetje