HEMA Budget Breakfast

If you are looking for a budget breakfast in Amsterdam, head straight for a HEMA department store, a household name in the Netherlands, known for its low prices and smoked sausage. HEMA serves a large breakfast at a budget price. From Monday to Friday, early risers can enjoy one of the city’s best breakfast deals.


HEMA is a retail chain specializing in functional household product and affordable fashion. HEMA is a Dutch institution and famous for its smoked sausage which can be eaten as a snack or taken home to accompany stamppot, a traditional Dutch dish; any vegetable mixed with mashed potatoes.


HEMA Breakfast

The smoked sausage is not on the breakfast menu but there is plenty to still your hunger. From 9 to 10 am HEMA is the place to be for the most affordable breakfast in Amsterdam. Load your tray with an omelet baguette sandwich, a crispy butter croissant with a portion of jam, freshly made coffee and a glass of orange juice.


Amazing Price

At the amazing price of €2 this is the most affordable breakfast in Amsterdam. Pay an extra €0,25 for two rashers of bacon and €0,50 for a fruit salad to make it into a well-balanced healthy meal. There is no better way to start your day in Amsterdam!



Note that breakfast isn’t served at all HEMA locations; at the moment there are two locations in Amsterdam centre that offer this budget breakfast: Kalverstraat 212, in the Kalvertoren Shopping Centre and Nieuwendijk 174-176.