Ethnic Restaurants at Albert Cuyp Market

Check out the ethnic restaurants hidden behind the market stalls at the Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam. The street is packed with Chinese, Indonesian, Surinam, Moroccan and Turkish restaurants. It is difficult to decide what to eat. Will it be Kurdish, Chinese, Indonesian or simply a cone of French fries with a dollop of mayonnaise?


Eethuis Zagros, Albert Cuypstraat 50, Tuesday – Saturday 16.30-22.30, closed on Monday.

If you like cumin, mint, oregano, hot peppers and lamb, Kurdish Restaurant Zagros serves dishes with these healthy ingredients. Try deep fried pastry rolls filled with feta cheese as a starter. Chunks of lamb doused in tomatoes, hot peppers, garlic and onions are a tasty second. Finish your meal with honey-soaked, nut-filled baklava, if you have still room left. If sweets aren’t appealing, sip fragrant Turkish coffee.


Ikura Sushi Bar, Albert Cuypstraat 65, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 12.00-21.30, Sunday from 14.00-21.30, closed on Wednesday.

Ikura Sushi Bar is the ideal pit stop to rejuvenate yourself after shopping in Albert Cuyp Market. Try one or several of their sushis. Sushi is an ancient Japanese method to preserve fish by packing it tightly in boxes. Don’t start worrying, Ikura sushi is all freshly prepared.

Surinam and Chinese

Nieuw Albina, Albert Cuypstraat 49, Monday – Sunday 12.00-22.00, closed on Tuesday

Go for Chicken Roti washed down by cold Heineken. Roti looks like a tortilla, but the taste is nothing like it. Spicy chicken, chunks of potatoes, egg, beans and other vegetables wrapped in roti bread is the ideal snack and will renew your energy for more browsing and shopping.


Bazar, Albert Cuypstraat 182, Monday – Sunday 10.00-11.30

Have you ever dined in a church that looks like a mosque? Restaurant Bazar occupies a former church building. The Middle Eastern style décor and the tantalizing North African cuisine draw a crowd. Sit on the upper balcony that looks down on to the bar in the central section. Mint tea with honeyed baklava is comfort food after serious shopping. It is almost impossible to resist the couscous with tutti frutti, roasted vegetables, grilled tomatoes and saffron sauce. The large breakfast Turkish style is a good start of the day.

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