Kalverstraat Shopping

Kalverstraat is Amsterdam’s most popular shopping street and stretches from Dam Square to the Floating Flower Market. Elbow your way through the shopping crowd on Saturday afternoon. If you want to browse during quiet hours, come on Monday or Tuesday morning and you will have Kalverstraat almost to yourself.

History of Kalverstraat

Kalverstraat is probably Amsterdam’s best-known shopping street. Here you will find national and international chain stores and numerous small shops. This street has a 600-year history, when its name was Calverstraete which means Calves street. This was the place where the cattle market was held. When this market stopped, shops appeared and the street became famous for shopping.

Shopping in Kalverstraat

The shops in Kalverstraat brim with bargains.

* Fashionistas on a budget will rave about Swedish retailer Hennes & Mauritz, better known as H&M, at No 125.

* Stop at Bazar Souvenir Shop, No 156, and take home a Delftware tulip vase, a Van Gogh poster or a pair of delftware Dutch clogs keychain.

* Rituals at No 73 browse the Experience Room for new products and mini expositions.

* Geox at No 206 is paradise for shoe lovers. Non-shoe lovers will can admire the shop that looks more like an art gallery than a shoe shop.

* Be sure to visit two beloved Dutch department stores Hema at No 208

* Jamin at No 39 the tastiest cherry-filled chocolates.

* Visit New English Book Store at No 223 for English language books and the latest magazines.


Shopping Makes Hungry

Bakker Bart at No 197 has crispy rolls, croissants and sausage rolls. Café Luna at No 96 is famous for its pancakes and yoghurt shakes.  And finally at no 45 you will find McDonalds.


Shopping Hours in Kalverstraat

Monday 11.00 -18.30, Tuesday – Saturday 10.00 – 18.30, Thursday 10.00 – 21.00, Sunday 11.00 – 18.30

Some shops close at 18.00.

photo credit Marianne Crone

Kalverstraat, Amsterdam

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