Shopping Guide Haarlemmerstraat Haarlemmerdijk

Shopping Guide Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk is your ticket to an enjoyable and quirky experience. These two shopping streets, a stylish alternative for your mainstream shopping experience, brim with hip boutiques, specialty shops, and budget-friendly restaurants, coffee bars and caf├ęs. This shopping area has a little something for everyone from vintage fashion to kitchenware and everything in between. As there are over 200 shops in this area, it is difficult to decide where to start. Round off your day of shopping with a visit to ‘The Movies’, the oldest cinema in Amsterdam, followed by bar-hopping.

Shopping Guide Haarlemmerstraat

Shopping guide to Haarlemmerstraat helps you find your favourite shops. Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk rival very crowded Kalverstraat for your perfect shopping experience. These two streets are reinventing themselves as Amsterdam’s hottest shopping stretch but are still low-key.

Haarlemmerstraat 110, Suhka
Interior design and fashion shop with fashionable and eco-friendly items. The shop is beautifully decorated in soft white and with natural materials.

Haarlemmerstraat 99, Rumors and Vintage
As if you are stepping in a time machine to the old days. Classic vintage and very good quality, authentic fashion from the 1960s/70s/80s and sometimes from the 1920s and 1950s.

Haarlemmerstraat 36, Nikuhiva
Unisex urban store specializing in fair trade and sustainable fashion for men and women. Nikuhiva stocks international brands. Shop for streetwear, accessories and unique gifts.

Haarlemmerdijk Shopping Guide

Haarlemmerdijk 26, Store Without a Home
An impressive selection of home decoration, tableware, furniture and gifts. Here you will find everything for your home that you need (or don’t need): paper vases and animals, canal house tea light holders, wall vases in the shapes of a koala, a bear or a lion, a crocodile hook to hang your coat, pots, bowls and baskets in any shape and size.

Haarlemmerdijk 143, Jutka & Riska
Jutka & Riska, two fashion-conscious sisters, run two fashion boutiques in Amsterdam specializing in hand-picked vintage and lines from young designers. The Haarlemmerdijk shop has an enticing range of designer clothing: jackets, jeans shorts and brightly coloured tops and also a wide choice of eclectic vintage jewelry, sunglasses and shoes.

Haarlemmerdijk 39, Restored
Restored is a cool concept store focusing on young emerging designers and small labels and gives them a platform to show their products to a larger public. Trendy fashion, accessories, books and jewelry, all items are produced in limited numbers and handmade. Restored is the perfect place to browse!


The Haarlemmer neighbourhood starts at the Singel canal and ends in Marnixstraat, streets to the south extend as far as Brouwersgracht. Haarlemmerstraat begins at the start of Singel near Amsterdam Centraal Station. The street then continues past Prinsengracht and changes its name into Haarlemmerdijk. As the name suggests, Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk were the first stretch of road leading to the town of Haarlem.


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