Shopping in Warmoesstraat

Warmoesstraat, one of the oldest streets in Amsterdam, lies on the edge of the Red Light District and is filled with funky boutiques, quirky shops, bars, coffeeshops, affordable hotels, souvenirs and tourists. Buying dildos proves as easy as stocking up on chicken drumsticks for an evening meal. Amsterdam shopping was never made so easy.


Warmoesstraat 12: Kokopelli Smart Shop

First timer to hallucinogens? Go to this safe and nice shop for friendly and educational advice. Sit on the chill-out couch in the back and listen to chilled out spacy music. The vibe is clear and relaxed. This is one of the best smart shop around.


Warmoesstraat 53: The Greenhouse Effect

Coffeeshop, bar and hotel with only twenty rooms that fills up quickly. Who can resist sleeping in one of the themed bedrooms: 1001 Nights, Turkish Delight or Mary Jane?

Warmoesstraat 64: Baba Coffeeshop

Baba Coffee Shop is easy to find. It is at the corner of Brugsteeg and Warmoesstraat, the Hindu God Ganesh sits above the entrance door, and the pungent-sweet aroma of hashish drifts in the air. Go back to school, if you have no experience with hashish, Cannabis College will answer all your questions.


Warmoesstraat 69: De Bakkerswinkel

The smell of freshly baked bread pulls you inside The Bakkerswinkel or baker’s shop. Sit at one of the designer chairs and tables at the back of the shop and enjoy apricot cheese cake or cherry pie. If you haven’t a sweet tooth there are also savoury sandwiches.


Warmoesstraat 71: RoB

Stop for a minute and window-shop at RoB, a boutique that specialises in leather garments, anything from the normal to outrageous, from kinky ornaments to erotic toys. If you are brave enough, go inside and see more.

Warmoesstraat 89: Mr B

Horny boys toyshop, 100% adult entertainment, latest fashion in leather and rubber clothing. If needed fashion made to measure for the perfect fit.


Warmoesstrat 101: Bodycult, Tattoo and Piercing

Gawk at the window display of miniature, medium and gigantic studs used for piercing body parts. If you fancy a tattoo, this is the place to have one.


Warmoesstraat 104: Old Bridge Souvenir Shop

Ooh and ah at the cluttered shop window, you are sure to find that special souvenir you’ve always wanted to buy.


Warmoesstraat 135: Metropolitan

Recharge your energy and indulge in ice cream and chocolate; ┬ádivine…

Warmoesstraat 139: W139 Art Gallery

Fledgling artists exhibit their work here. If you spot a gem, buy it because the artist may become a future Rembrandt. Like many artists’ workshops, the place started as a squat. Have a look at the ex-squatters’ photo albums which shows what the place looked like in the old days.


Warmoesstraat 141: Condomerie Het Gulden Vlies

See if you can squeeze in because most of the time, the shop is jam-packed with tourists. The store specialises in condoms in all sizes, colours, shapes and flavours.

Take your time and do a bit of people watching and window-shopping while you edge your way through the crowd until you reach Enge Kerksteeg on your left. It’s the alley lined with pots of fragrant lavender, red and yellow tulips sold by the florist shop at the corner. Amble past the window prostitutes, turn left to Oude Kerk. Time to sniff up some culture after your Warmoesstraat experience.

photo credit Marianne Crone

Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam

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