Caligula in the Red Light District

The Red Light District is peppered with Sex Shops and Peep Shows. Caligula is one of these and a shop not to be missed. Shopping here may not be your first choice, yet have a look at the display windows and a new world will open up. After all, this is Amsterdam!


Caligula was the third Emperor of the Roman Empire and reigned from AD 37-41. He was sexually active from an early age and was said to have strong libido which bordered on perversion. His sister Drusilla died in his bed. The official version was that she had succumbed to fever but Caligula’s many enemies suggested he stabbed her to death in a murderous sex session.

Caligula, the Shop

When you stroll along Oudezijds Voorburgwal, right in the heart of the Red Light District, stop for a moment, or longer if you wish, at Caligula, a sex shop popular with tourists and locals. If it’s not the goods that tickle your fancy, the way they dress their windows certainly will. If this is your first time visit to a sex shop, this is the ideal shop to browse. It’s quite large and the sales staff won’t jump at you and ask what you want. Just pop in, look round and leave. But if you see something you like, don’t feel embarrassed, buy it. It is only a shop and shops are meant to sell things.




Oudezijds Voorburgwal 137

1012 ES Amsterdam

photo credit Marianne Crone

Red Light District