De Bierkoning The Beer King and Beer Galore

If you are looking for a special kind of beer, De Bierkoning, the Beer King, is your place! It is a tiny shop packed to the rafters with beer from with beer from all corners of the world. Equally interesting is the huge collection of beer glasses. Wine lovers need not despair as De Bierkoning also stocks small selection of international wine.

Beer from around the world

De Bierkoning prides itself on having sold many thousands of different types of beer since it opened in 1985. Initially, they offered only Belgian beer. The hundreds of Belgian beers were soon joined by others from England, Japan, Scandinavia and a whole host of other countries.

The Beer King soon had about a thousand types of beer in stock. Kingfisher, that refreshing beer from India or Bintang from Indonesia and The King of all Beers: Czech beer. The selves of De Bierkoning are brimful with bottles and cans of famous and lesser-known beer brands. Non-beer drinker will be delighted to find a large selection of ciders and wines.

Beer Gifts

De Bierkoning is also one of the best places to buy beer gifts. Choose a funny or elegant as beer glass or mug. Put together a beer package and include an inspiring book about beer. If you get thirsty from seeing so many bottles of beer, buy a chilled beer on-the-go.

A word of warning: drinking alcohol is prohibited in public places in Amsterdam. It is not allowed to have opened bottles or cans of beer with you and of course no glasses either.

Insiders tip: Spend a weekend in Prague, the beer capital of Europe and drink the king of all beers Pilsner Urquell, the best beer in the world according to beer connoisseurs.

Address: De Bierkoning, Paleisstraat 125, Amsterdam
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 11.00-19.00, Sunday 12.00-19.00

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