Cool Heineken Store

Go shopping at the Heineken Brand Store – The Beer Shop and official Heineken merchandise store add to this an interactive football game and you have everything you need for a pleasant shopping experience in Amsterdam. Heaven on earth for all Heineken fans – two floors sheer Heineken shopping pleasure.

ATTENTION: The Heineken Brand Store is permanently closed in 2016 and there are no plans to re-open!

Heineken: The Store

Heineken Brand Store allows you to view, wear, listen and go on a trip with Heineken. Six historic building in Amsterdam centre around beer. Most remarkable is the three-storey high fridge stuffed with Heineken bottles from around the world.

The store is divided into four sections:

* Beer shop and The Fridge

* Fashion department featuring clothes specially designed for the Heineken brand

* Refreshing Sounds Studio, a fully equipped recording studio for young musicians

* Ticket and Travel Bureau for Heineken sponsored trips and events.


Heineken: The Brand

Heineken is cool, frothy and Dutch. Heineken smiles at you. Take a Heineken bottle or can and have a good look at the letter ‘e’. The slight slant makes it into a smiling letter.

What other Dutch beer brand do you know.  Amstel, the competitor? You may be surprised to find the Heineken Brand Store in AMSTELstraat. Not all that surprising, because the Amstel Brewery was taken over by Heineken. Heineken brews beer for the Amstel brand.


Tip for all Heineken fans!

Be sure to grasp this great combo-deal; Heineken Experience and Canal Cruise, Amsterdam at its best – beer and canals.

The Heineken Experience; go on a VIP tour in the former Heineken Brewery and learn about Heineken. Your visit ends with a free tasting session. A canal cruise is one of the best ways to see Amsterdam at leisure. You float past ornate canal house under humpback bridges and then on to Amsterdam docks. It is up to you if go on the canal cruise before or after the Heineken Experience visit.


Heineken Brand Store

Amstelstraat 31

1017 DA Amsterdam

photo credit Marianne Crone

Heineken Brand Store