Mark Raven Amsterdam Art

If you are looking for something fun to take with you from Amsterdam, Mark Raven is the place for original art work, high quality shirts and prints. True, it is art with a commercial slant but very attractive. Mark Raven Art makes genuinely attractive souvenirs.

Mark Raven

This wonderful art gallery has been created by Mark Raven, a self-taught artist and printer. All his art depicts some aspects of Raven’s hometown, Amsterdam. He started as a street artist and attracted an ever-growing local and international audience. His art combines traditional techniques such as etching and painting with utilities of modern image manipulation. His aim is to make his works visible and accessible.

Art Work as Souvenir

The T-shirts, posters and postcards you find at the Mark Raven shop are made with love which makes those bought from ordinary souvenir shop look very drab and run-of-the-mill. His paintings, small or large, are irresistible – modern painted images of what Amsterdam looks and feels like. All Mark Raven’s work is truly individual art work that shows his great love for Amsterdam.



Mark Raven

Leidsestraat 42 and Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 174


photo credit Marianne Crone

Mark Raven