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Miffy is a celebrity. She is a little bunny and became famous through the enchanting books written by the Dutch author, Dick Bruna (1927-2017). The Miffy Shop in Amsterdam is chock-full of Miffy articles. Stock up on books, DVD’s, doll prams, baby walkers, rattles toys, mugs, T-shirts clothes, bags and bedsheets. Miffy is the most famous bunny in the Netherlands, many children have read the books in which she is the main character. She experiences all kinds of adventures. The stories are in simple words and illustrated with colourful drawings.

Miffy the Celebrity

Miffy is a famous Dutch personality or rather a famous Dutch bunny. She was ‘born’ as Nijntje Pluis and the brainchild of the Dutch writer and artist Dick Bruna. Nijntje is short for ‘konijntje’, meaning little rabbit.
Miffy aka Nijntje was born in the small seaside resort of Egmond aan Zee, not far from Amsterdam. Dick’s son was playing with his cuddly toy rabbit, named Konijntje. Father Dick made a drawing of konijntje and dressed her in a lovely frock, wrote a story about her and Nijntje was born.

Miffy Books and TV series

This little book was so successful that Dick Bruna created more Nijntjes and wrote more stories. Each little book has an illustration on the left side page and a four rhyming lines on the opposite page. Nijntje is a real Dutch bunny. She dreams about her own bicycle, about a ride through the woods and cleaning her bicycle afterwards so that it shines and sparkles.

Miffy stars on her YouTube channel, in a television series. She has her own musical, her own website and shop. Nijntje / Miffy is so popular that her stories have been translated into more than forty languages. In the translations her name is Miffy, because ‘Nijntje’ is a bit difficult to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers. Together with the English translator, Bruna came up with the name Miffy.

Address: Nijntje Shop, Scheldestraat 61, Amsterdam
Opening hours: 10.00-18.00, Mondays from 11.30 and Sundays from 12.00.

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