Rent a Bike and Go Dutch

Bikes festoon bridges, bikes safely locked to lamppost. Kids, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers young professionals, old professionals, in fact everyone in Amsterdam seems to have a bike and use it as to get from A to B. Why not join them for the unique Amsterdam bike experience?


Join a Baja Bike Tour

Cycling is more fun when you join a small group. Join one of the Baja Bike tours. Your English-speaking guides leads the way and shows you Amsterdam’s best sights but also some secret gems. You will often stop so that your guide can tell you details about the sights. There are also frequent photo opportunity stops. Visit the Red Light District, bike along Amsterdam canals, through the Vondelpark and the Red Light District, three hours of sheer biking joy. If this is too long for you go on the short Bike tour, only two hours. Cycling in Amsterdam is easy, just follow the wine red cycle paths and your Baja Bike guide and you will sail through the city without any problems.

Be Dutch among the Dutch

Mount your bike and pedal along wine red cycle paths but bear in mind these five basic rules: 1. Always follow the traffic signs and obey the traffic light 2. Give right of way to all traffic from the right, including other bikes 3. Keep to the right 4. Hand signal a left turn, unless you want to be crushed by a car, truck or bus 5. Warning: stay away from the tram tracks (your bike wheel has the same dimension and can easily become wedged in).

photo credit Marianne Crone

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