FOAM Photography Museum in an Amsterdam Canal House

FOAM – FOtotography MUseum in Amsterdam is located in a traditional canal house, the interior will surprise you – a happy marriage of old and new, original architecture combined with chrome and glass. FOAM showcases still photography and multimedia shows. The exhibitions are shown for duration of two to three months so that it is worthwhile visiting the museum on several occasions. FOAM also organizes workshops and publishes its own magazine. The museum regularly organizes photo exhibitions of both established and emerging photographers.

FOAM what to see

Exhibitions focus on contemporary photography often challenging society, so the museum manages to maintain a fresh view of the art world. Anyone with a camera gets the opportunity to present works of art. These works often show the provocative side of photography.

The museum offers graduates a space where they can present their first solo work.

FOAM in an old canal house

The museum interior is a mix of classic architectural features and modern chrome and glass creating an artistic ambiance. Large windows and sleek walls ensure that the photos stand out The exhibition is a mix of still photos and silent multimedia shows.

The library on the top floor of the museum is home to books on photography and related subjects.

The Exhibitions

Every two to four months the museum hosts rotating exhibitions showing works of two or three artists. The subjects are diverse from street and landscape photography to more artistic work.

Workshops and magazine

The museum also organizes various workshops, podcasts and discussions about photography. They publish the FOAM magazine approximately 3 times a year for an international and national audience.

Museum Cafe and Shop

The FOAM café and shop are inside the museum. The museum shop sells FOAM magazines, photography themed books and posters.


FOAM Museum is located in a charming old canal house on the Keizersgracht, one of the central canals of Amsterdam.

Address FOAM, Keizersgracht, 609, Amsterdam

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday and Saturday and Sunday 10.00-18.00, Thursday and Friday until 21.00

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