4Cats Specialty Store where the Cat is King

Attention cat lovers: you must visit 4Cats in Amsterdam! This unique cat shop is chock full of cat things, not only cat food, bowls, baskets and scratching posts, but also all kinds of other cat things that will please your cat (or rather please you). If you are not a cat-lover or cat-owner, but your friends are. 4Cats is the shop to buy a surprise package for your friends’ cat. They will be pleased as will be their cat,

Amsterdam and Cats

Amsterdammers love cats. The city has about 35,000 cats with permanent residence and a large number of stray cats that are cared for by locals. Privileged stray cats stay at Poezenboot (cat boat), which is moored on the Singel. Cats in the 21st century are spoiled and demanding. 4Cats responds cleverly to this.

Everything for the Cat

4Cats sells everything a cat needs from wet food to food bowls to drinking fountains and from anti-stress drops to cat travel baskets. Every self-respecting cat would like to have a cat basket-bed with a soft plaid or a cat hiding place which looks like an igloo. The irony is, however, that cats favour an ordinary cardboard box. 4Cats also stocks lots of treats for for your cat.

Cat Birthday Presents

4Cats also has birthday presents, not for a ‘human’, but for your cat. There are three surprise packages containing everything a cat (and its boss) likes: toy mice, feathers, fishing rods, food toys and, of course, cat treats.

Dental Care

Did you know that cats can also have problems with their teeth? The dental care package offers the solution: a toothbrush, cat toothpaste and mouth spray. because yes, sometimes your cat has bad breath and that is not pleasant for the owner. The package also contains chewing snacks and dental candies. It goes without saying that your cat doesn’t really like you brushing its teeth, which is why the package also contains some nice cat toys as a reward for being a ‘good cat’.

Christmas Package

The Christmas package is the perfect gift for your cat. It will be available in the store (or online) from November. Your cat will be very happy with the Valerian cushion and catnip Christmas toys, it also contains a large Christmas toy mouse and a laser pointer. And of course candy bars and the tastiest of all is the tube of pate.

Address: 4Cats, Waterlooplein, Amsterdam
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. and closed on Sunday

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