Heineken Experience

Want to taste Heineken and learn all about brewing and marketing of the most famous beer of the world? Then the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam is exactly where you need to go. The Heineken Experience tor starts with a short history of the Heineken family and the evolution of their famous brew and ends in the tasting room with a toast to their great recipe. An entertaining video shows the process from grain to ferment to bottle.

Old Brewery

The Heineken Experience takes place in their old brewery in the center of Amsterdam. An interactive tour takes you on a journey of discovery in which Heineken lager and its storied past play the leading role. The Heineken Experience is one of the most visited attractions of Amsterdam.

A canal cruise and fast-track entry to the Heineken Experience is the perfect way to get to know Dutch specialties

Tip: buy your ticket online and avoid the always long queue!

Interactive exhibition

The Heineken Experience is an interactive exhibition spread over four floors. You’ll learn all about the Heineken family, how the typeface on the Heineken logo came about and how the letter E smiles at you. You follow the complete brewing process from water and malt to the addition of hops. In between you watch their commercials from around the world. Be sure to watch the video in which you are a beer bottle that travel through the whole process of beer production, from brewing to bottling. Included in the tour are two free beers; of course that’s what you came for!

The self-guided Heineken Experience Tour takes approximately 1.5 hours and is available in 9 languages.



Heineken Experience, Stadhouderskade 78, Amsterdam

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday 10.30-19.30
Friday to Sunday 10.30-21.00
In July and August 7 days a week from 10.30-21.00

The excursions and tours are constantly adapted to the wishes of the visitors and descriptions may differ slightly. Therefore, it is recommended to read the product description.

photos Albert van den Boomen