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Food and Drinks in Amsterdam

Eating in Amsterdam is an adventure, a culinary trip around the world. Colonial history brought Indonesian and Surinam cuisine, recent immigrants Turkish and Moroccan specialities. The Dutch have their main meal is in the evening. Lunch is a simple affair; open sandwiches, French baguette or soup of the day.

Amsterdam has it all from dark brown pubs to up-market restaurants, from food stands to coffee bars. Whatever and wherever you eat do not leave Amsterdam without having sampled herring (and yes! this is raw fish) or pofferjes, tiny pancakes with a lump of butter and dusted with sugar. A typical snack is a cone of French fries with a big dollop of mayonnaise or a veal croquet sandwich. A romantic dinner for two, a quick snack or exquisite glass of wine? There are so many grand cafes, restaurants and pubs in Amsterdam that it is difficult to make a choice. Below you will find the pick of the bunch.